Toastmost & WordPress for Toastmasters Workshop

Saturday September 10, 2022 7:00 PM UTC to 10:00 PM UTC

Ready for a really in depth workshop on how to get more out of your WordPress-based Toastmasters website?

My next workshop is part of a series of technology and Toastmasters training events organized by my friend Joni-Renee Laidlaw, and she has given me three hours to make sure I cover the topic in depth and have time to answer everyone’s questions.

Registration is via this Google Form, which is where you will find the Zoom link.

I plan to ask for a volunteer from the audience to walk through the Toastmost website creation process from scratch, just to keep me honest when I say that it’s easy. I will also have a couple of experienced club webmasters on hand to talk about the learning process they went through and how a better website has paid off for their club.

We will also cover in depth the tools available to you both for marketing your club, district, and events and for organizing meetings.

Please come prepared with good questions to make this workshop a discussion, not a monologue.

Please register via the Google Form and answer Joni’s survey questions.

David F. Carr
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