Our workshop on working with agendas in the WordPress for Toastmasters system covered how to add, edit, and rearrange the roles that appear on your agenda as well as other elements such as “stage directions” notes. Watch it by clicking on the image below.

Agenda Workshop Replay

Thank you to everyone who attended and enriched the conversation with your questions.

See also the written documentation on how to create and edit meeting agenda documents.

Replay: May Overview Workshop

If you haven’t already seen it, the replay of a previous workshop from late May goes into more detail about using the website as a marketing tool. The workshop featured input from guest speakers Arelene Preudhomme, Eloise Young, and Loni Huff about how they use the software for their own club websites.

Email Newsletter Tool Demo

You also get access to a tool for sending email newsletters to members or to a broader list. The message you are reading right now was composed using that tool.

Here is a demo of how it works.

The email tool is part of my RSVPMaker plugin, meaning you can use it on other websites outside of Toastmasters such as one for your small business. There is more detail, including details about advanced customization options, on the RSVPMaker blog.

Brand Compliance

The Toastmost service offers a set of WordPress themes (designs) that incorporate the colors from the brand manual and have been shared with the brand compliance team at Toastmasters International for review.

These WordPress themes provide a brand-compliant starting point, but the Toastmasters leaders who run these sites are still responsible for how they customize these sites.

Independent websites have more freedom to innovate, but with great power comes great responsibility. As part of the workshop, Loni Huff showed off a wildly different website for her Dungeons & Toast specialty site, but as she mentioned only logged in members see that version. The public website still shows off the unique character of that specialty club, while using brand manual colors and the standard logo.

The public website for Dungeons & Toast

One of the things she demonstrates is the power of building on a web platform that allows skilled and creative people to go beyond what I provide “out of the box.”

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