Consider this email a matter of catching up on recent updates — and inviting you to catch up with me next weekend.

Saturday November 13, 2021 1:00 PM EST

WordPress for Toastmasters project founder David F. Carr, DTM, will be available to answer question, demo specific features, and gather suggestions for future improvements. This session is for primarily for clubs setting up websites on, particularly newcomers to the platform.

Topics to be covered will include WordPress basics, as well as how to edit the agenda, but send your suggestions of other items you would like to see covered.

RSVP deadline is past

Evaluation Form Updates

The web-based evaluation forms delivered as part of the WordPress for Toastmasters software have been updated to cover the new improved, Pathways Level 1, which adds 2 projects (“Writing a Speech with Purpose” and “Introduction to Vocal Variety and Body Language”) and moves “Researching and Presenting” to Level 3. A couple of DTM Project speeches that were missing have also been added.

There are actually 2 versions of the “Introduction to Vocal Variety and Body Language” evaluation, allowing those who particularly want to be evaluated on vocal variety to request more detailed feedback on those aspects of their speech.

Standalone Version of the Digital Contest Ballot

Support for digital contest ballots and online vote counting is supported within club websites and on the website. A standalone version of the digital ballot is now available for judges who agree it provides an easier way of tallying their votes, particularly for contests conducted online.

Continuing Outreach to Districts

I’m available to conduct workshops for districts interested in providing updated tools for digital marketing, recruiting, and club management. I’m currently working most actively with District 62, both on an update to their district website and on new club websites. Other than there and in District 47, my home district, the software and the Toastmost service remain well-kept secrets, despite my efforts to change that. If you are finding value in the software, let your district leaders know.

Thanks for your attention,

David F. Carr, DTM –

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