I hope you will consider joining me for this webinar or sharing the link with a friend. The focus of this session is not on the Toastmasters extensions to WordPress but on the basic publishing and online marketing environment. It certainly draws on my experience working with Toastmasters leaders who are not techies but want to create an effective online marketing presence for their clubs.

Since the main reason for using WordPress as the foundation for club websites is to take advantage of the underlying platform, this is material Toastmasters leaders using the software need to know. But I’d appreciate it if you would share the link with a few friends from outside of the Toastmasters world who might also see the value.

Webinar: Making WordPress Work for Your Small Business or Nonprofit

Thursday August 31, 2017 1 PM EDT
A word processor for the web (and more).

Basing your organization’s website on WordPress gives you a powerful foundation to build on, with limitless options for customization. The trick is to take advantage of that power, without being overwhelmed by it.

The WordPress editor allows you to add or update content on your website at will, rather than depending on someone else to do it for you. You can be in control of your web presence, seeking outside help only when you need to make major changes, if at all.

In this webinar, I will cover how to set up a WordPress website and start publishing to it. Maybe more importantly, I will cover which aspects of WordPress you can safely ignore, at least in the beginning. For example, if your primary focus is on publishing and editing content for your website, you can focus on the Pages and Posts (blog posts) menus on the administrator’s dashboard and ignore most everything else. Rather than adding dozens of plugins (which will also add even more menu items), pick a couple that add functions your business truly needs.

I will also cover the basic precautions you should take to avoid getting hacked, starting with not making “password” your password (there’s a little more to it than that).

Hope to see you online Thursday.

— David F. Carr, writer, editor, and digital media impresario (see bio).


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