VTM CON is coming up fast, June 26 and 27. David F. Carr, DTM, will present about Toastmost and WP for Toastmasters as part of a Tech Tips session. Headliners include Darren LaCroix and Mark Brown (both World Champion of Public Speaking winners), Patricia Fripp, Sean D’Souza, David Beckett, and Fursey Gotuaco. The event also features a webinar contest and breakout sessions hosted by participating online clubs.

Register at vtm.toastmost.org.

Other upcoming events promote Toastmost.org, the website hosting service for WordPress for Toastmasters, as it enters a new growth phase.

After VTM CON, there will be an additional training session for people who want more detail than I was able to present in 3-5 minutes.

Toastmost.org Training

Tuesday June 29, 2021 7:00 PM EDT

Join David F. Carr, DTM, for a workshop on how to maximize your club’s use of the digital marketing and agenda management tools provided by Toastmost.org.


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