This is an updated video tutorial on setting up events and event templates with RSVPMaker, the event scheduling software that is included with WordPress for Toastmasters.

The video does not show the Toastmasters extensions for setting up meeting agendas, but your agenda is an example of a event template and the principles of how events and event templates are related are the same for meeting events. RSVPMaker can also be a tool for promoting and organizing other sorts of events, such as district conferences and club open houses.

Templates allow you to create one or many events that follow a regular schedule and that share some basic details like meeting location and who to contact with questions.

Like a cookie cutter, a template lets you create many events that will start out the same — until you decorate them.

Think of it like the relationship between the cookie and the cookie cutter, where you can stamp out one or many cookies that start out the same, but you still have the option of decorating them all differently, with details specific to a particular event date.

On the other hand, if you’ve created many placeholder events based on your template and you change the template (say, because your meeting location has changed) — you can update those related events. You can update them all, or update them selectively (if you don’t want to overwrite information you’ve added for a specific event date).

In the context of agenda templates, you can lay out your typical meeting roles in the template and still edit the individual event posts to account for variations such as the meeting where you will have fewer speakers to make room for a member with a longer speech project.

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