Here is a technique I’ve developed over several years for sharing videos of member speeches on a regular basis and indexing them so it’s possible to look up all of a given member’s speeches.

At my home club, Club Awesome, we upload speech videos from our weekly meetings to YouTube but mark them “unlisted” so they don’t appear publicly on They are recorded to our blog as “Members Only,” meaning you need a password to see them. This allows members to see them for their own education, without worrying that they will become unintentional YouTube stars.

We also share the videos by email.

The YouTube video sharing tool built into WordPress for Toastmasters makes it share this content in a consistent manner and tag the blog posts with the names of the speakers.

A club such as Online Presenters that routinely shares video recordings of its speeches publicly could skip using the “Members Only” feature but still organize recordings better using this feature. The tool has recently been upgraded to support the scenario where you’re posting one long video that includes multiple speeches, which is the easiest way of sharing the recording of an online meeting.

See a video demo and read step-by-step instructions.

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