The last couple of updates to the software came directly from a conversation with my home club VPE about elements of the software she and other members of the leadership team found confusing or didn’t know how to access.

The ability to switch from your standard meeting template to one you use for contests has been in the system for a while, but I realized it was buried — which is why you will now find a Switch Templates option under Agenda Setup on the meeting agenda menu. See Switching Agenda Templates for a Club Contest. Now that we’re in contest season, you might also find my Sample Contest Agendas: International Speech and Table Topics useful.


Switch to contest template

The different signup and assignment modes provided for working with member roles have also caused some confusion, particularly when randomly suggested assignments are added to the mix. I’ve added a new notifications section to the top of the page to help guide you through them. See also Distinguishing Between Agenda Signup, Assignment and Recommendation Modes.

agenda notifications
Hey, make sure I know what you’re doing

As always, let me know what you find useful and how to make it better.


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