As one of the leaders of Online Presenters Toastmasters, I’ve had a longtime goal of finding a better way of displaying timing lights in a Zoom meeting. The issue is finding a method that ensures the speaker will not loose sight of the green/yellow/red indicators. Showing timing lights is usually done with the Zoom virtual background feature, but in large meetings it can be easy to loose track of the thumbnail image of the timer.

This blog post / video demo shows the best solution I’ve come up with so far.

Free Zoom Alternative

You might also experiment with using the same timer tool with Jitsi, a free, open source Zoom alternative. The Jitsi version works even better in some ways. Zoom lovers may not be willing to switch, but clubs that don’t want to pay for a Zoom account should give Jitsi a look.

Option to Lock the Agenda

One request I got in the recent Getting Started with WordPress for Toastmasters webinar was for a way of “locking” the agenda so no changes can be made by members without administrator rights. You can now do that on a predetermined schedule or manually, as needed.

Learn about how to lock/unlock the agenda.

Webinar Replays

Getting Started with WordPress for Toastmasters – covers the basics of the WordPress editor and working with the agenda.

Replay: Using a WordPress-Powered Website to Promote Your Club, Your Business or Yourself – this Toastmasters District 47 webinar covered some of the same material, but with more emphasis on using WordPress as a marketing tool and not only for Toastmasters. One reason for using WordPress for your club is it gives members an opportunity to learn a skill they can use to promote other ventures.

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