One of the virtues of WordPress is that a lot of its built in features, such as the ability to add blog posts, tend to boost search engine rankings while also providing content for social media posts. Search engines such as Google index a lot of WordPress sites and know how to index them efficiently.

You can further enhance how your content is indexed for search and viewed on social media by thinking through the structure of your websites and using optional WordPress plugins such as Yoast SEO.

In the blog post below, I detail some of these considerations using the example of Online Presenters Toastmasters, which I led to charter in 2017 and currently serve as as VP Public Relations.

Search and Social Optimization Tips from the Online Presenters Webmaster

The way you make your club website into a stronger recruiting tool is by making links to your website visible and attractive in the digital world.

Google “online Toastmasters,” and a link to the Online Presenters home page will come up high on the first page of results. Share a link to our home page on Facebook, and you will see it’s accompanied by a neat preview image as shown below. Both are the result of deliberate effort to raise our club website’s profile.

Facebook preview of the Online Presenters home page

Here are some of the techniques I use. I apply them particularly to the home page and significant blog posts, like those featuring the replays of workshops we have hosted. Some of these techniques take advantage of optional WordPress plugins. However, the basics of search engine optimization are available to any club webmaster, including those whose clubs use Free Toast Host.

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