This is the replay of a webinar covering the basics you need to understand to customize your home page, set up your meeting agenda, and begin using WordPress for Toastmasters productively. Conducted with help from Stephanie Nolan, who is helping organize a volunteer project to improve the documentation and training materials.

webinar replay


David F. Carr, project leader
Email * LinkedIn * Twitter * Facebook * WP4Toastmasters Facebook Page

Stephanie Nolan, Editor in Chief, Documentation and Training Project
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Supplemental Material

The first portion of the video was recorded after the fact for the simple reason that I forgot to turn on the Zoom recording function when the meeting started. You’ll see that partway through the opening presentation my webcam picture appears in the corner of the screen and the audio quality changes.

Partly because video recording glitches, I am including screenshots and video clips of a few key features below.

Web-based application and application approval forms
Member view of the administrative dashboard
Member profile
My Progress report – data gathered from agenda on speeches and roles filled.
Creating a website
Creating member records from Club Central roster spreadsheet

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