Among the things I’m looking forward to showing you during our workshop on Tuesday (details below) are improvements to the RSVP Mailer email tool, which allows you to compose messages like event invitations and email newsletters using the same editor you use for blog posts and web pages. You can then send those broadcasts either through the web server or through integration with a service like MailChimp.

It’s what I’m using to compose this message and to add the colored background to this text, using Toastmasters brand colors.

I can also add simple layouts like a two-column presentation of information:

When to Use the Built-in Mailer

Sending to at most a few hundred people, such as everyone who registered for an event or all the members of your club. You can send different messages to just those who have / have not registered for an event.

When to use Mailchimp

Sending to hundreds or thousands of people through a high-capacity service with sophisticated handling of unsubscribes, spam filters, and bounced email. You can still compose your message in WordPress.

One of my main goals for this workshop is to make sure everyone is comfortable with composing and editing content in the WordPress editor, including techniques that apply across blog posts, web pages, event posts, meeting agendas, and emails like this.

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