A major new version of WordPress, WordPress 5.0, shipped this week, bringing with it changes to the RSVPMaker events calendar that is a major component of WordPress for Toastmasters.

WordPress 5.0 makes a new editing experience, known as Gutenberg, the standard way of editing content. If you have a website on toastmost.org, you have already seen some of the changes because the new agenda editor takes advantage of Gutenberg features.

The idea behind Gutenberg is to provide slightly different editing experiences for different blocks of content (paragraphs, images, bullet lists, etc.). The agenda editor provides custom blocks for meeting roles and notes that should appear on the agenda.

WordPress for Toastmasters represents meeting signups and agendas as RSVPMaker event posts, so if you’re running one of these websites you should understand how to create and edit events and event templates.

An RSVPMaker event post, with the calendar widget showing.

A video tour of the updated RSVPMaker user interface is included in the blog post, WordPress 5.0 Updates to RSVPMaker.

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