This is a new version of the video and instructions for members who are invited to set up a password on a WordPress for Toastmasters website and begin signing up for roles. It’s published on and a link to it is included with every new member invitation email.

Feedback wanted: is this as short, clear, and to the point as it needs to be?

New Member Guide to WordPress for Toastmasters

This video covers how you set your password, edit your member profile, and start signing up for meeting roles.

New member guide demo

The process starts when you get an email inviting you to set a password for the club website.

Invitation email

Following that link brings you to a screen with a password entry field. Choose a tough enough password that you won’t be to blame for the club website getting hacked!

Set Password

Once you have set your password and recorded it securely, you can log in for the first time. The login screen includes a “Lost my password” link you can use if necessary to get emailed a link you will use to reset your password. The process is a lot like setting your password for the first time.

Login screen

After logging in, you will find yourself on the Dashboard — the administrative “back end” of the website. This is where you can set your password and edit your member profile.

The welcome screen displayed the first time you log in gives you some basic tips on navigating between the Dashboard and the “front end” of the website. The To Do First tab of the welcome things suggests some things you can do to get started, including editing your member profile and signing up for roles.

Welcome screen

Learning from the Toastmasters program requires active participation, so one of the first things you should do is sign up to do a supporting role or two, as well as a speaking slot.

Signing up to speak

On subsequent visits to the website, look for links inviting you to log in and sign up for roles. The location of the login links can vary depending on the choices the club webmaster makes, but usually you will see a prompt to login on the menu at the top of the screen or a widget in the upper right corner of the web page.

Login options on the menu.
Login options on a sidebar widget.

That should be enough to get you started!

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