If your club is holding hybrid meetings, with some members attending online and others in person, you may find it useful to keep track of who is attending in person. My home club is currently limiting in-person attendance to 10 people as a precaution against continuing issues with COVID-19, so adding a way to track attendance through the agenda solved an immediate practical problem for us.

You can include a widget like the one shown above on your agenda, and members will also be prompted to indicate their plans when they sign up for a role.

See this knowledge base article for details on how to set it up.

Making it Easier to Find Help

Site administrators will now find TM Help right under TM Administration for access to documentation and tutorial resources, as well as details on how to contact me when you can’t find an answer to your questions. The Todo List — a prioritized list of common setup tasks with links to the relevant setup pages and documentation — appears in this section.

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