If you are organizing a meeting, it is now easier to tweak the timing to allow for a longer speech or fewer speeches and more table topics.

WordPress for Toastmasters helps you plan the time allowed for speakers, Table Topics, and every other phase of your meeting. You can plan your standard meeting agenda around these time allowances, but you can also tweak the timing for an individual meeting.

Consider a couple of common scenarios:

  • Someone is giving an extended speech, which means you will not be able to fit as many other speeches into your agenda. So you change your agenda from 3 speeches and 3 evaluators to 2 and 2.
  • Your meeting is tomorrow, and you only have 2 speeches rather than the usual 3. So again, you want to change the number of speeches and evaluators. You will also allow extra time for Table Topics.

The video below shows a technique that requires you to be using the new agenda format (new as of late summer 2018). You make adjustments by going into Edit Signups mode, which means you can do it at the same time that you are recording other changes to your agenda for a specific week.

I also show how you can apply this tool to planning your standard agenda template.

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Tweaking the Timing


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