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If you have been working with the WordPress for Toastmasters software for more than the past few weeks, you will need to convert your agenda in order to take advantage of the latest and greatest version of the agenda editor.

The club website hosting service has already switched to the new WordPress editor, known as Gutenberg, which will become standard when WordPress 5.0 is released very soon. The revamped editor is one of the biggest changes to come to the WordPress publishing platform — and fortunately a very positive one for the WordPress for Toastmasters solution.

A man’s legs should be long enough to reach the floor

Abraham Lincoln
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To take advantage of the latest features, you will need to convert the content of your agenda template (and the specific meeting agendas based on that template) to a new format. If you signed up for a account within the last month, you may be able to skip that step because the new editor is already active.

Read my full explanation, with video tutorials.

Although I’ve created an automated process for converting old agendas to work with the new format, the conversion may not be perfect and you should take the time to check that it matches how you want your signup form and agenda to be displayed.

Tweak Timing options

This is the first column

This is the second column

Among the payoffs are a new tool for tweaking the timing on your agenda — something I expect to be very handy every time you want to adjust the number of speakers and evaluators or allow extra time for a longer speech or more or less time for Table Topics. That’s covered in my overview tutorial, and I also posted a separate article about it here.

In general, I will be targeting new features to the new agenda format. I find this version of the agenda editor easier to work with for my own purposes, and I believe you will find it to be an improvement, too.

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