You can now create a Toastmasters club website on, make basic customizations to your meeting agenda, invite others to help you evaluate the software, and start sharpening your marketing message — all within minutes. You can even incorporate features to help you organize online meetings and meetings that include online participation.

Because WordPress for Toastmasters is built on a bundle of products that all have different configuration options — a calendar plugin and my Toastmasters customizations, as well as the underlying site editing and publishing software — club leaders have been telling me they’re overwhelmed at first. The new setup wizard consolidates a lot of the choices you need to make up front, such as how many speakers you have at a typical meeting and whether to invite online guest registration. That becomes a two-step process, followed by pointers on next steps.

Although the tutorial focuses on the website hosting service, the new setup wizard is also included in the free software version. You are welcome to use for testing, even if you plan to host your website independently.

I am still looking for help making the documentation better, but meanwhile this is my latest effort to make the software itself easier to learn. Feedback? Write to

For additional notes, see the related blog post.

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