If you have time to tune in, I’ll be on Facebook Live at 1:30 pm EST from hereĀ https://www.facebook.com/events/1186565975129669

I’ll be demoing a new Dues Tracker utility, as well as enhancements to the Online Timer tool (which now supports custom background images).

As a preview, you can see the demo of the timer I gave at my home club on Friday. I actually released some further improvements just this morning. The timer is not new, but the ability to add custom background images is.

The Dues Tracker tool isn’t new either, but it’s significantly more useful now. As Treasurer for Online Presenters Toastmasters, I’ve added features that make it more useful to me — and hopefully others — like more automatic detection of who has paid their dues (through the Stripe online payment integration) and the creation of email lists to remind those who haven’t renewed and thank those that have.

You can also more easily copy and paste a listing of incoming payments into your budget spreadsheet.

Tune in today if you’d like the cook’s tour.

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