Toastmasters clubs can now collect and track dues using PayPal, or the Stripe credit card processing service, or both. The WordPress for Toastmasters system and Toastmost club website hosting service let you set up a dues renewal page and prompt new members to pay when they complete the online application. Once online payments are configured, they can also be used to collect event fees, fundraising payments, or serve any other club purpose.

This video shows how to connect to the online payment services and also how to use the Dues Tracker screen to keep track of who has and has not paid.

Advantages of PayPal and Stripe

Previously only the Stripe service was supported for dues payments. But I’ve been hearing for years from club leaders who want to be able to offer PayPal as an option or who have standardized on it for their clubs.

Stripe has some advantages as an alternative for club members who do not want to establish a PayPal account or prefer a straightforward credit card transaction. As a treasurer for the last couple of years, I appreciated that money automatically showed up in the club bank account within a couple of days. With PayPal, money accumulates in the PayPal account until you transfer it.

But choice is good.

Both PayPal and Stripe offer a nonprofit discount, which you should ask for.

Feedback on New Features

The Dues Tracker page in particular is still under active development and screens may change somewhat in future releases. It should do a pretty good job of matching dues transactions to member accounts. Treasurers are invited to give feedback on how it can be improved. Email and put “Dues Tracker” in the subject line.

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