As July 1 comes closer, club webmasters should be preparing to not only update the list of officers displayed on the website but also to give at least some of them increased access to the website.

There is a case for giving elevated security rights to most every officer, for example so the VP of Education can modify the meeting agendas, the VP of Public Relations can post to the blog, the VP of Membership can add user accounts for new members, the Secretary can record minutes that will be stored on the website, and the Treasurer can set up and track online payments.

The exact division of responsibility will vary between clubs depending on the comfort level various officers have with technology, but the club webmaster should not be doing it all. Also, every club webmaster should have a backup — at least one other person who has full administrative rights to change website settings.

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Saturday June 18, 2022 4:00 PM EDT

Join club leaders for a workshop on how to edit your standard meeting template and make changes to the agenda setup for individual meetings in a workshop with David F. Carr, DTM, operator of the Toastmost website hosting service and founder of the WordPress for Toastmasters project.

This is meant to be a working session with club leaders who are already working with the software, not a promotional introduction. We will cover:

  • The difference between events and event templates. How to create and update events based on a template.
  • How to add, change, and rearrange the list of roles members can sign up for.
  • How to add explanatory notes to the role signup form and the agenda (“stage directions” for your meeting).
  • How to add placeholders for content that changes from meeting to meeting, such as Theme and Word of the Day.

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Workshop Replay

If you didn’t catch our workshop from a couple of weeks ago, this replay provides a good introduction to the value of the WordPress for Toastmasters system, covers some how-to basics, and includes three club webmasters describing how they use their sites.

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