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If you want your club records and reporting to accurately reflect who filled roles at each meeting, you should go back and update the agenda after the meeting is over to reflect who didn’t show up and who stepped in at the last minute. These records can also serve as the basis for detailed meeting minutes.

Authorized users can do this on the Update Roles & Attendance screen under TM Administration. The dropdown list at the top of the screen allows you to pull up role assignment records for the any recent agenda. Data from the most recent agenda will be displayed by default.

Update Roles & Attendance screen

This screen also allows you to record attendance. Members who held a role during the meeting will be marked as having attended by default, but you can check off the names of other members who were present at the bottom of the screen under the heading Others Attending.

Once you have made changes and additions, you should see a confirmation message at the top of the screen.

Updates confirmed

If you click on the Create Minutes link at the top of the page, you will be able to edit the content further in the WordPress editor. Minutes documents are viewable by logged in only members on the website. You can also print or email them.

See also Create Meeting Minutes.

Under the Hood

Meeting role data is warehoused in a pair of database tables, tm_history and tm_speech_history (note that WordPress prefixes all tables based on a value in the wpconfig.php file). By copying the data to separate tables, meeting records are preserved, even if events are later deleted. As a bonus, this approach also allows user and member records to be shared across clubs.

After a meeting has ended, there is a short window of time during which changes can be made on the meeting agenda on the frontend. Once that time period elapses, users who have the ability to make changes will see a Role Data Archived message, along with a link to the backend utility to Update Roles & Attendance.

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