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WordPress for Toastmasters sites hosted at feature an additional menu on the administrator’s dashboard to allow you to get support and turn on features specific to the Toastmost hosted service. You’ll find it immediately below the Toastmasters menu (which is displayed to all members) and TM Administration, which is only available to editors and managers.

The Toastmost menu

In addition to getting help with your website, this is where you can set up:

  • Email Lists – allow members and officers to write to one address for distribution to all list members.
  • Custom Forwarders – specify additional forwarding email addresses
  • Find a Club Autoresponder / Notifications Forwarding – handle notifications from, including Find a Club (send an automated response), forwarding of Basecamp notifications, and forwarding of miscellaneous messages.

You can also check your club’s subscription status or make a donation to the Toastmost project.

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