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The WordPress for Toastmasters agenda management system is defined around a system of event templates and individual event posts, or documents, that define the structure of your meetings. Members can then sign up for roles (or meeting organizers can assign them).

The event documents are organized using the RSVPMaker WordPress plugin. The WordPress for Toastmasters system uses a separate plugin (RSVPMaker for Toastmasters) to add agenda management features. Within the WordPress editor, you use Agenda Role and Agenda Note content blocks to structure your agenda. Other available content blocks include Editable Note and Toastmasters Absences.

Agenda Role block
Agenda Note block

You can plan the time associated with different events on your agenda using the Time Allowed fields that appear in the sidebar of both Agenda Role and Agenda Note blocks. Agenda Role blocks also allow you to set a Count — which, for example, is how you you would change the number of speaker openings that appear on the agenda and the signup form.

The process of organizing and publishing meeting events goes like this:

  1. Add or edit an RSVPMaker Template document for your meetings. A default Toastmasters Meeting template is provided, along with a sample template for contests.
  2. Define the schedule associated with the template: For example, first Tuesday at 7 pm.
  3. Follow the Create / Update link to generate a series of event posts, based on the template (see documentation).
  4. (Optional) Alter any of the individual event posts, as necessary, to reflect a different meeting structure (for example, moving Table Topics from the beginning of the meeting to the end and adding an explanation about a special workshop).
  5. Members sign up for roles and meeting organizers make assignments using the tools available on the front end of the website (no WordPress editing rights required).
Adding events based on the schedule set in a template

If you need to change the standard structure of your meetings, go back to Step 1 and update the template. You can then update all the events based on that template. You will see a warning if a specific meeting has been updated independently and can choose not to overwrite it.

Updating event posts based on a template

Author: David F. Carr

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