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Assuming your club allows members to sign up for roles (rather than relying on a club officer to assign them), logging into the club website will allow you to sign up for any open role.

For most roles, volunteering is as simple as clicking the Take Role button.

When you are signing up to speak, you are also asked to enter details about your speech project, including its title and an introduction.

When you select a Pathways path or a Toastmasters manual, listing of projects that you can choose from changes. When you pick a specific project, the speech timing is inserted automatically. The time can also be edited manually (for example, if you are requesting more than the standard time for your speech).

Signing up for a Speaker role

After signing up for a role, you can return to this page and withdraw yourself from the agenda by clicking Remove Me. In the case of a speech project, you have the option of editing the speech project details and clicking Update to record your changes.

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