Removing and Restoring Member Accounts

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To keep your site well organized, you will want to periodically remove the user accounts of members who have not paid their dues. A backup of their data will be retained, allowing you to restore their accounts at a later date. Members whose accounts have been removed will not be able to log into the website or take assignments on the agenda (unless you add them as guests).

As a site administrator, you can remove members one at a time from the Users screen.

Remove a user

The screenshot above is from On a standalone site, the link will be labeled Delete rather than Remove.

Alternatively, you can synchronize your member records with those of Toastmasters International by downloading a .CSV spreadsheet file of current members from the Roster screen in Club Central. The Add Members screen under Users includes an option to import that file. If you check the box that says “Check for missing members,” the import process will check for users on your site who don’t match any current member record.

Check for missing members

In both cases, you will be prompted to confirm the removal of members before that action is executed.

Restoring the Accounts of Former Members

The Guests/Former Members screen under users tracks the information of former members.

Reactivate option on the Guests/Former Members screen

Click the Reactivate button to Reactivate the account of a former member who is returning to the club.

On a standalone site, after you confirm the activation, and a new user account will be added that includes data such as member speech records. On Toastmost, the user account will be added back to your club website. In either case, you will get a confirmation message that includes the copy of the notification sent to the user by email.

Confirmation – member restored

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