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You can record meeting minutes on the website to make them part of the permanent records of your club. Minutes documents can only be viewed by a logged in member of your club. To create a new minutes document for a board meeting or any other purpose, click Add New on the menu in this section.

If your club creates detailed minutes for each meeting, including speeches given and members present or absent, you can use the Minutes from Meeting Records function to simplify that process. This works in tandem with the Update Roles & Attendance tool, which you use to make corrections and additions to the data gathered from the agenda.

Minutes from Meeting Records screen

The meeting listing can be viewed on the public website, and a link to the listing of all the minutes is at the top of the members dashboard. Optionally, you can add this link to the public menus of your website. However, website visitors who are not logged in or not members of the club will not see the contents of the minutes documents, only the headlines, followed by a login prompt.

A link to the section of the website where members can view the minutes documents has been added to the top of the members dashboard. Members of the general public who find their way to that section of the website will only see the headlines and a prompt to log in.

Viewing a minutes document
What a non-member (or a member who has not logged in) sees
View, Print, and Email links

In addition to website editors being able to edit this content in the WordPress editor, any logged in member can access versions of the documents that can be printed or emails from the black menu bar at the top of the screen. These functions work similarly to the print and email functions for the agenda.

Email minutes tool

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