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The Organize screen appears in 2 places — under Agenda Template Editor on the administrator’s dashboard, where it is used to edit agenda templates, and as an option associated with each meeting that’s available to members who have been granted agenda editing rights.

In both cases, it allows you to:

  • Change the timing of roles on the agenda and the number of members who can sign up for speaker, evaluator, and other roles for which you want multiple participants.
  • Change the order of speakers, evaluators, and other roles with multiple participants.
  • Insert and Delete Roles.
  • Insert, Delete, and Edit notes that will appear on the agenda, including both standardized notes meant to appear on every agenda and “editable” notes that can vary from meeting to meeting (such as word of the day).
  • Move roles and notes representing timed activities up and down on the agenda — placing them earlier or later in the sequence of activities.
  • Check the total time allocated for all activities as you plan to make your meeting end on time.
Version of the Organize screen for an individual meeting

Each role, note, or other content block included on an agenda or agenda template is represented on the Organize screen with options to adjust the time allowed for each timed activity and to adjust the number of members who can sign up for a role such as Speaker or Evaluator.

Click on the Up / Down arrows on the title bar of each content block to move it one position up or down. The Move dropdown list allows you to make bigger moves, for example, to move Table Topics from the beginning of the agenda to the end.

Use the Insert dropdown lists positioned between content blocks to add an additional role or agenda note.

The View options widget at the bottom left of the screen allows you to narrow how much information is displayed so you can focus on the elements you want to adjust.

Note that website administrators can control whether regular members are able to access these functions.

Use the version of the Organize screen on the front end of the website to make adjustments to the organization of a single meeting. It’s also possible to take the changes you have made for a given meeting and make that your new template.

The Agenda Template Editor on the Dashboard allows you to access the Organize screen in the context of editing the templates used as the basis for recurring events such as weekly meetings or alternate event formats such as contests. It opens on the Template Options and Settings screen where you can adjust your standard meeting schedule and the settings for who is allowed to access the agenda editing functions.

The Agenda Template Editor on the Dashboard also includes the Organize screen

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