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WordPress for Toastmasters allows you to collect online payments from new members, renewing members, and attendees at events. To see the user experience, you can post a test transaction (using a fake credit card for demo purposes).

This is a feature of RSVPMaker, the event scheduling and registration plugin included with WordPress for Toastmasters. RSVPMaker in turn integrates with the Stripe online payment service. To use this feature, you you will need to to create a Stripe account and verify the bank account funds should be deposited into.

Once that is done, you will have to enter a couple of credentials known as API keys provided by Stripe into your website settings. You can do that as part of the process of setting up the online membership application form or on the Payments tab of the RSVPMaker settings screen.

Your API keys are found on the Developers tab of the Stripe dashboard.

Stripe API keys

If you use the online membership application, the prorated dues amount is calculated (based on the dues schedule you have set up), and the payment button is shown on the confirmation screen.

You can also include a stand-alone payment button on a page of your site, as in this dues renewal example from Online Presenters.

Dues renewal button

You add one of these buttons and set the price using the RSVPMaker Stripe Payment block, which looks like this in the WordPress editor.

RSVPMaker Stripe Payment button block

To charge for an event, you would set a price for your event as part of the RSVPMaker event registration setup. A payment payment button then appears on the event registration confirmation page.

Stripe Discount for Nonprofits

Toastmasters clubs should take advantage of Stripe’s discounted fees for nonprofits.

You will need to provide the EIN tax ID for your club. In the case of Online Presenters, which does not have an EIN because of its international nature, I was able to provide the EIN for Toastmasters International (95-1300076), explaining we operate under that umbrella.

Author: David F. Carr

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