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Email distribution lists — write to one address, and your message is delivered to everyone on the list — are available for club members and officers.

For new users, the choice of whether to enable them is part of the club website setup wizard that welcomes them to the service.

Once enabled, the distribution lets any club member to send a message to the rest of the club.

For example, this is a test I did for a fictional Webinarmasters club, relayed through

Sample email list message

Club officers are advised to limit use of the member email list to club business or social invitations. Members who abuse the list can have their access blocked. Messages from unrecognized addresses will also be blocked to prevent it from becoming a vehicle for spam.

A separate list allows officers to email all the other officers, using the officer list from the Toastmasters settings screen on the WordPress dashboard. In both cases, it’s possible to specify additional list recipients (for example, including an area director or past president on the officers email list).

Email list setup

Author: David F. Carr

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