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Hybrid Attendance Tracker

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If your club is hosting hybrid meetings, with a mix of online and in-person attendance, you can add the Toastmasters Hybrid block to your agendas as a way to track who is planning to attend in person. If you are limiting the number of in-person attendees (for example, because of COVID-19 social distancing concerns), this will help you track whether you’ve hit the limit.

On the front end of your site, the tracker looks like this:

It gives you the option to add or remove yourself from the in-person attendees list (by checking or unchecking the “I plan to attend in person” checkbox), and you can also record that intent on behalf of another member. Meeting planners can then see how many people are on the list.

To put this on every agenda, you would add it to your agenda template and then update the events based on the template. Click the + button to add the “Toastmasters Hybrid” block.

Hybrid block placeholder

A placeholder will be displayed in the editor. The properties panel in the right-hand sidebar allows you to enter a limit for the number of in-person attendees that will be displayed on the website.

When this feature is active, an “I plan to attend in person” checkbox will also be displayed when members are signing up for roles, allowing them to register their intent to attend in person (or not) at the same time.

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