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The Vote Counter’s Tool assists with counting votes at regular weekly meetings. It’s a simpler version of the digital ballot for contests. The idea is that you share a link in the meeting chat for Zoom or your meeting platform of choice, which members click on to cast their votes on a ballot that looks like this.

Voting for Speaker

If you are the vote counter, you set this up by logging in and choosing “Vote Counter’s Tool” from the Agenda menu for the meeting.

Menu option

If you were signed up on the agenda as the vote counter, the system will recognize you. If no one had signed up, or the person who did is not present, you may need to click the button that says “Make Yourself Vote Counter.”

Once you have claimed the role, you will see a series of ballot setup forms for Speaker, Evaluator, Table Topics Speaker, and custom ballots you can create.

For Speaker and Evaluator, the names of the members who signed up in advance will already be on the form for you to confirm.

Checkboxes for members signed up in advance

You can also type in names, and an autocomplete effect will match the first few letters you type against the membership list. This helps you put in the names, spelled correctly.


Once you have set up the ballots, you will be presented with the option to share links to ballots for each contest, and then to start checking for votes.

The fields containing the links are set up so that content will automatically be copied to your computer clipboard when you click on the link. You would then paste it into the chat for Zoom or your meeting platform of choice.

Click to copy

As votes start rolling in, the screen will update every 30 seconds with results. You can also click the Check now link to reload the page and show the current results.

The results screen shows the apparent winner in each contest, followed by the ranking. You will also see if there is a tie.

Watching the votes roll in (sped up slightly)

Adding Votes Manually

In a hybrid meeting where some people are in the room with you, you may receive some votes by paper ballot that you need to add to the total. Or perhaps some members send their votes by private chat or text.

The Add votes link at the top of the screen …

… will take you to a form at the bottom of the screen where you can add votes to the tally.

Adding votes manually

Switching Vote Counter Duties to Another Member

In a situation where you need to leave early, or the person who signed up as vote counter arrives late, you can hand off vote counter duties to another member. That option is at the very bottom of the Vote Counter’s Tool screen.

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