How to Send Event Reminders and Follow-Up Messages

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When you use the RSVPMaker system to register guests for an event, you may want to send them reminders to attend, sharing important details along the way. You can set up scheduled reminders that will go out an hour or two before an event, or you can send them out on an impromptu basis.

You can use the same approach to send follow-up messages attendees will receive after the event.

One way is to use the RSVP list as a special email list that you can send to through the RSVP mailer tool. Click “Show More Options” in the section that allows you to pick which list you want to send to.

Show More Options checkbox

Check Attendees and choose from the list of upcoming or recent events. This approach can also be used to send follow-up messages after the event.

Choosing event attendees as an email list

Then click Send. You should see a confirmation that the emails are being sent out.

Configure scheduled reminders

Reminders and follow-up messages can also be set up to go out on a schedule relative to the start time of an event.

If you are viewing the event on the website, Confirmation / Reminders should appear as a link on the black admin bar menu at the top of the screen.

admin bar confirmation / reminders link

This will take you to the pop-up screen in the editor for setting event parameters. Scroll down to the section for Reminders, select the number of hours before or after the start of the event when you want the message to go out, and click the Add button. Once the message has been added, you will be able to edit the default content displayed.

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