How to Delete or Reschedule an Event

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How to Delete or Reschedule an Event

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Website administrators are often confused about how to delete an event, given that they don’t see a delete button anywhere — that’s partly because the option is labeled “Trash.” Items placed in the trash can be restored if they were placed there accidentally, or they can be deleted permanently.

In the WordPress editor, the Move to trash button is in the sidebar on the right hand side of the screen. If no sidebar is displayed, click the gear icon in the upper right hand corner to reveal it. You also need to select the correct tab to see the properties of the document (in this case, RSVP Event), not the properties of an individual content block (paragraph, heading, image, etc.).

You might miss the Move to trash button because it appears after all the options for setting the event date and time.

Editor sidebar for an event

When you’re editing a web page or blog post, the Move to trash button appears immediately below the author field.

Rescheduling an Event

To reschedule an existing event, change the date displayed in the calendar widget of the sidebar. You can also change the event start time and end time and specify whether the end time should be displayed. Click Update to record your changes.

Trashing Events from the Event Listing

You can also move one or more events to the trash from the listing under RSVP Events on the dashboard. The same basic technique applies to moving pages, blog posts, or other types of content to the trash. When you hover your mouse over the title of an individual event, a menu of options appears where one of the options is Trash.

Trash item on RSVP Events menu

Click Trash to move that event to the trash.

Alternatively, you can check off multiple items you want to delete and choose Move to trash from the drop-down list under Bulk actions. Then click the Apply button to move them to the trash as a batch.

Restore from the Trash or Empty Trash

At the top of the listing of events, you will see a categorized list of events that are published, in draft mode, or in the trash. Click “trash” to display the listing of events in the trash (again, same basic technique applies for pages and posts). From this screen, you can click the Empty Trash button to permanently delete all these posts or click the Restore or Delete permanently links to render your verdict on an individual trashed item.

Options for an event in the trash

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