Full List of Agenda Blocks

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Full List of Agenda Blocks

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Here are all the agenda blocks, starting with the ones used most frequently.


The Role block appears as a on the signup form for members to sign up or be assigned to a role. The list of roles and assignments is then displayed on the agenda. In the editor, you specify a count for each role (Example: 1 Toastmaster of the Day, 3 Speakers, 3 Evaluators) and, optionally, the time associated with that block of roles (23 minutes for 3 speakers). Time can also be associated with the Note blocks (see below).

Agenda Role block

Agenda Note

An Agenda Note appears only on the agenda (not the signup form) and can have time associated with it. These are the “stage directions” of your meeting. Example: 5-minute break, with Time Allowed set to 5.

Agenda Note block

Editable Note

An Editable Note block appears on the signup form as a placeholder for the meeting organizer to fill in details that change from week to week, such as a meeting Theme.

Editable Note
Editable Note as it’s displayed on the signup form

Signup Form Note

A Signup Form Note only appears on the signup form.

Signup Form Note block


The Absences block displays an option on the signup form where members can indicate that they will be out of town or unavailable.

Absences block (planned absences)
Planned Absence on the signup form


If you have a hybrid online/offline club, the hybrid block allows you to track members who are planning to attend in person.

Hybrid block (track in-person attendance for hybrid meetings)
Hybrid block on the front end

Agenda Wrapper

Allows you to place standard content blocks such as images, headings, and paragraphs inside a wrapper that selectively displays them in a specific context. In this example, the image will be displayed on the signup form and email version of the agenda but not the printable agenda or other contexts.

Agenda Wrapper block with an image inside it


Displays the elapsed time at a given milestone such as the end of the meeting.

Milestone block

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