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You can set up custom email forwarding addresses associated with your website. This is in addition to the club member and officer email lists, and the forwarder / autoresponder functions suggested for use with notifications from

For example, you might register to forward to several people on a mentorship committee. Enter one or more recipient addresses on this screen for each forwarder you define. You can also specify a list of email addresses to be used for any forwarding address that isn’t an exact match, perhaps because the sender made a typo in the email address.

In addition to forwarding to specific email addresses you enter into the form, the system can forward based on officer role. That way, when a new group of officers is sworn in, messages to the forwarding address for the president will go to the new president, not the old one. This depends on a website administrator updating the officers list on the Toastmasters screen under settings.

Forwarder configuration screen

Author: David F. Carr

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