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Editable Note Blocks

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A Toastmasters Editable Note is a placeholder for content that changes from meeting to meeting, such as the meeting theme or word of the day. It can be edited in the same “Edit Signups” mode that the Toastmasters of the Day or VP of Education might use to enter role assignments on the agenda.

Editable agenda note.

In contrast a Toastmasters Agenda Note block is meant for boilerplate content that is typically the same from week to week. Editing the content of an Agenda Note requires that a user has been assigned editing privileges for event posts on the club website — typically an officer or a webmaster.

In contrast, the content of an Editable Note can be changed by any member with the authority to Edit Signups. However, first someone with rights to editing event post content must make an editable note available on the agenda.

Add an Editable Note

Do one of the following:

  • Use the block inserter (+ button) to select Toastmasters Editable Note from the available blocks.
  • Begin typing /editable on a blank line, and Toastmasters Editable Note will appear as one of the options you can select.
How it appears in the editor.

Enter a headline in the Editable Note Title field. Save the event post and view the result.

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