Create Member Accounts from Roster Export File

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The fastest way to create user accounts for all your club members is to export the member list from Club Central —

The Export Excel / CSV option under Club Roster

— and import it on the Add Members page of the WordPress dashboard (under Users). This is much faster than adding member accounts one at a time. In addition, importing the official spreadsheet means each member’s Toastmasters ID number is recorded as part of their profile. That makes it easier to update the records going forward.

After you click the button to import the spreadsheet of member records, you will be prompted to confirm that the information is correct before it is officially added.

Scroll down the list, making any necessary corrections, and click Submit.

You will see a confirmation message that includes a preview of the information that will be emailed to each member, explaining how to set their password and log in for the first time.

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