Editing the Agenda Layout and Sidebar Content

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The default printable agenda layout features the club logo at the top of the page, along with the club name and meeting date. Beneath that, the agenda is divided between a sidebar on the left hand side of the page and the actual agenda listing. You can change the layout by editing an Agenda Layout document, which shows just a placeholder where the actual meeting roles will be displayed.

Here is what that looks like in the editor.

The Agenda Layout document.

You can use the sidebar area to include some content you want to appear on every week’s agenda, such as the club mission and perhaps contact information for key officers. Or you might want to add a promotion for an upcoming district conference or district training and remove that when the date is past.

Optionally, you can include an Agenda Officers Listing block in the sidebar area. This will print the officers listing drawn from what you’ve specified on the Settings -> Toastmasters screen.

Both the logo / title and sidebar / agenda parts of the document are formatted using WordPress columns. It’s possible to change the width of the columns. To do so, click the content in the column you want to change and use the document hierarchy button at the top of the page to navigate up to select the specific column.

Selecting a specific column.

With the column selected, the column width property should be displayed in the editor sidebar. By default, the two main columns take up 33.33% and 66.66% of the page width, respectively, but you can change that to 30% and 70% or whatever proportions you desire.

Column width setting

If you don’t want to use the sidebar layout, you can delete the columns and add the Agenda Main Content block on its own line.

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