Change the Number of Speakers and Evaluators. Change the Time Allowed for Any Role

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A meeting organizer viewing the agenda in Edit Signups mode can change the number of assignment participants allowed for any role and also the time allowed for that role.

A common example is changing the number of Speakers allowed for a meeting, which means the number of evaluators should also change. This may be because one member is giving a longer speech (say, up to 15 minutes, rather than 7) or to make room for a guest speaker or other special event.

Tweak Timing function

When you check the Tweak Timing checkbox, these options will appear:

  • Minutes: The basic time allowed
  • Padding: Extra time allowed after each member completes their role in this block (optional)
  • Count: The number of participants

Example: A club that routinely has 3 speakers at each meeting would want to allow at least 21 minutes (3 x 7) and probably a little more to allow room for the occasional 8 or 10 minute speech. So Minutes might be 24. Setting Padding to 1 minute provides some slack for the transitions between speakers. Count is 3. For evaluators, we use Minutes: 9, Padding: 0, Count: 3. Typically, for all the other roles, Count: 1.

When you change the number of Speakers — for example, from 3 to 2 — a checkbox appears asking if you want to change the number of Evaluators as well.

Click Save to record your changes. The page will reload, and the elapsed time estimates in the margin will be updated. Make further adjustments as needed until you are confident that you can fit everything in and still have your meeting end on time.

This technique is an alternative to editing the underlying meeting document or template, which requires user account privileges the meeting organizer may not possess.

Author: David F. Carr

Contact me at 954-757-5827 or