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How to Add Video

It is possible to upload video directly into WordPress, just as you would upload an image. You do that with the Video block.

However, I generally recommend uploading your video to YouTube or Facebook and then embed that service’s video player in your web page. Those services are better at handling the uploads of very large video files and optimizing them for display on the web.

You can do the same thing with several other video publishing services (for example, Vimeo), but I’ll offer details on these two examples.

How to Add a YouTube Video

Do one of the following:

  • Add the YouTube block. Paste the public link to your video into the text box labeled Enter URL to embed here. Click the Embed button.
  • Paste the public link to your YouTube video onto a blank line. WordPress will automatically embed the video player. This is the shortcut I typically use.
YouTube block

A preview of the video should appear within the editor. You can add a caption just as you would for an image.

How to Add a Facebook Video

Do one of the following:

  • Add the Facebook block. Paste in the web address for the video and click Embed.
  • Paste the web address for the video on a blank line. WordPress will recognize that you’re trying to embed a video.

As of this writing, WordPress does not display a preview for Facebook videos within the editor — just a placeholder where the video will appear. However, when you publish or preview the post, it should appear on your public website.

Click below the Facebook URL placeholder displayed in the editor to add a caption for the video.

Caution for YouTube and Facebook

Make sure the content you embed is publicly accessible.

On YouTube, you can embed content that is designated Public or Unlisted (does not appear in YouTube search results) but not Private.

Any Facebook content you post should be shared as Public (not only visible to you and your friends).

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