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As a rule, numbered lists make sense for procedures that should be performed in a specific order. Bullet lists are appropriate for presenting a list of points or options that are not inherently sequential.

Add a Bullet List

Do one of the following:

  • Add the List block. A bullet list is the default. Begin typing your list of bullet points.
  • Add an * followed by a space on a blank line. WordPress interprets that as you starting a bullet list.
  • Highlight one or more paragraphs you want to turn into a list. Use the Transform option and pick List.

When you are done adding bullet points, hit ENTER twice to go back to paragraph editing mode.

Add a Numbered List

The procedure is similar to the one outlined above. To make it a numbered list, rather than a bullet list, do one of the following:

  • Use the button bar that appears when you hover your mouse over the list block to switch from bullet list to numbered list.
  • On a blank line, enter “1.” (including the period), followed by a space. WordPress interprets that as a signal that you’re starting a numbered list.
List formatting buttons

Indenting List Items

You can increase and decrease the indenting of individual list items to create more elaborate outlines of posts.

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