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Add and Format Images

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  1. Add an Image block. See above for how to add a block.
  2. Click Upload to upload an image from your computer or Media Library to pick a previously uploaded image. More rarely, you may use Insert from URL to add the address of an image hosted on another site.
  3. Click directly below the image to add a caption. A caption adds context, such as the names of the people in a photo.
  4. Check the Image Settings in the sidebar displayed to the right of the content editing area. If it’s not displayed, you can click on the gear icon to reveal it.
Image block

Image Options on the Sidebar

Image Settings sidebar
  • In the Alt Text (Alternative Text) box, type a description of the image. This helps search engines, as well as web tools for the blind, understand the content of the image.
  • Choose whether to display the full size image or a smaller version of it.

Image Button Bar

A couple of additional options, for changing the image alignment, and adding a link, are displayed on a formatting button bar that appears when you hover your mouse over an image.

  • Change Alignment: The image button bar screen shot is an example of an image aligned to the right (with text wrapping around it). The image has also been reduced to the Medium size option (control in the sidebar).
  • Add a Link: You can enter any web address — for example, to link from the logo of a sponsor to the sponsor’s website. Alternatively, you can add a link to the image itself, allowing people to click to see or download the full size image. Or you can link to the the attachment page, which will display the image by itself within your website layout.

Other Ways of Adding Images

WordPress also offers built in Gallery and Slideshow blocks for adding multiple images.

In addition, you can embed images from services like Instagram and Flickr (see the section on embedding social media content, below).

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