How To Do X

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This is a series of short tutorials, offered as a work in progress (just getting started). If there is no link on the title, it’s planned but not yet published:

  • How to Use the New Agenda Editor (September 2018)
  • How to Create Multiple Events Using Projected Dates, Based on a Template
  • How to Add a Planned Absences Button to the Agenda
  • Specific Agenda Tasks for Club Leaders
  • How to Change the Agenda Layout – advanced options for changing the HTML and CSS code that determines whether or not the agenda is displayed with a sidebar or what fonts are used.
  • Record Keeping:
    • Edit History – correct the record after a meeting
    • Progress Reports screen:
      • Add Speech or Role – record accomplishments that occurred outside of a meeting
      • Edit (edit specific member records)
      • Edit Stats (Edit speech counts, gross statistics)
    • Attendance
  • Member / User Records
    • Add a single member
    • Import a spreadsheet of member records from
    • Edit a member’s contact information
    • Reset a member’s password