Toastmost recurring payments and $4.75/month option

Toastmost users can now choose to pay on a monthly, rather than yearly basis, which means they authorize a credit card to be charged every month (but can cancel at any time). Toastmost still offers a three-month free trial period before any payment is required. New clubs might welcome the option to test the value they get from Toastmost on a month-to-month basis.

Recurring payments are also available for clubs that pay on an annual schedule. Clubs that prefer to make a one-time yearly payment instead can still do so.

Recurring subscriptions are based on an integration with the Stripe online payment service.

Authorizing a recurring payment

The email address associated with club website payments will be in the format This is a forwarding address that, by default, will relay any notifications about invoices or missed payments to the club website administrator, the president, and the treasurer. You can edit that list as necessary.

Email forwarders

If you ever need to update your billing details or cancel your subscription, you can do that through the new Customer Portal. You will see links to the customer portal within the dashboard of your website, and it can also be found on this page of

Portal links for your clubs

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