Toastmost course title slide

Toastmost video course and live training on June 14

Whether you’re just getting started with WordPress for Toastmasters or want to learn how to take better advantage of the club marketing and agenda management tools, my new video course should help answer your questions. It covers:

  • An introduction to the platform and how it goes beyond what you can get from Free Toast Host.
  • How to create a website using
  • How to edit your home page and blog posts, adding images, videos, and layout elements such as columns.
  • Using and organizing the digital agenda and evaluation forms
  • Email forwarding and other configuration options
  • How to add pages and change the design of your website
  • Search engine optimization and other enhancements

Even if you already know most of this, you might want to review the course covering the new agenda management tools.

In addition, on June 14 at 12 pm EDT, I’ll be doing a live training with Q&A at Bell Noon Toastmasters club, which has generously allowed me to hijack their meeting.

I’m looking for additional guest speaking opportunities, so contact me if you would like to include me in a TLI or other educational event. The video course was created partly so District 100 could include it in a course catalog being created by its incoming Program Duality Director, and it’s available to any other club who would like to do something similar.

* This software is offered "for Toastmasters" but not is provided by or endorsed by Toastmasters International. The use of Toastmasters brand assets (with proper disclaimers) in website designs has been reviewed by the Toastmasters International brand compliance team.