Replay: Toastmost & WordPress Workshop, Plus 2 Bonus Lessons

Here is the full replay of the September 10 workshop on Toastmost and WordPress for Toastmasters, hosted by Joni-Renee Laidlaw of District 81 as part of her Logical Logistics series on tech for Toastmasters. Below, I’ve added pointers to a few significant segments of the workshop plus two bonus videos.

For those who may not want to watch the full three-hours, I’ve highlighted some relevant clips below. Click on the timestamp to jump to the relevant segment.

17:20 WordPress basics and working with images and video

58:30 Joseph Esler, founder of Tragicomedy Toastmasters, explains how he created the club website and how important it has been to marketing the club and organizing its meetings

1:34:09 Agenda management in the WordPress for Toastmasters framework

1:55:52 How to set up a Toastmost website from scratch

Bonus 1 of 2: All About Blocks

My friend Carol Prahinski told me she found working with blocks in the editor confusing. Here are a few tricks I’ve learned.

Bonus 2 of 2: Recovering from a Mistake

Going back to an earlier version

If you accidentally delete something important or make some other mistake while working in the editor, on either marketing or agenda content, here is how you can retrace your steps and recover your work. WordPress saves the last few revisions of every post, page, or other document. By clicking the Revisions button in the document properties sidebar, it’s possible to go back to an earlier version.

Here’s how:

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