How to Change Your Meeting Agenda for a Club Contest

If your holding a club contest as part of one of your regular club meetings, the quickest way to rearrange your agenda to match the contest format is to switch from your regular meeting template to a contest template. This video shows how.

The latest software update adds default templates for the standard Toastmasters contests. These are generic, but you can customize them to match how you want to run your contests.

Contest Templates

One way of taking advantage of these templates is to use the Apply Template to Existing event form on the Event Templates admin page.

Apply Template to Existing Event

If you’re logged in as a website editor, you can also navigate directly to that Apply Template to Existing event form by choosing Switch Template off the top-of-the-screen menu under Edit RSVP Event.

Switch Template link

Alternatively, you might want to copy-and-paste content from the template into the event document for one of your upcoming meetings, allowing you to preserve elements of your standard agenda. There is a Copy All Content link in the WordPress editor — click the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner to reveal it.

You would then paste the contest content into the event post for the meeting where you will be conducting the contest. Use Control-V on Windows or Command-V on Mac to paste. Then delete other elements of the agenda that won’t fit with the addition of the contest activities.

Copy all Content link

If you want to set up a separate date and time for your contest, rather than doing it during a meeting, you can access the templates under New -> RSVP Event. There’s also a way of doing it from the new event screen.

To create a contest on a different date, you can follow the Create Update links

If the contest will be conducted online, you might also want to set up the Contest Dashboard digital ballot and vote counting tools.

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