2 New Toastmasters-Branded WordPress Themes

Freshly blessed by the Toastmasters International branding team, two striking new WordPress themes are now available on Toastmost.org or for download.

Both feature Loyal Blue and True Maroon color schemes straight out of the brand manual. Both are based on modern, mobile friendly WordPress themes. (In WordPress lingo, a theme sets up the overall design of a site within which you can add content).

Twenty Twenty One TM uses a Loyal Blue background
True Maroon features the background color it’s named for.

I’ve customized all the WordPress for Toastmasters themes so the color picker in the editor steers you toward the brand colors. That should help you create content that is beautiful but also brand compliant.

Customization of the WordPress color picker

Building on Twenty Twenty One

Both new themes are based on the Twenty Twenty One theme, one of the free reference themes for designers published by the creators of WordPress. They put out a new one every year, and I’ve created Toastmasters-branded versions of several. All of these designs have been approved by the Toastmasters International brand compliance team.

Twenty Twenty One introduced design options that the latest releases of WordPress make possible using block patterns. These are patterns of related content blocks like the overlapping images in the impressionist paintings example below.

Twenty Twenty One layout using the overlapping images block pattern.

In this mockup of a district website, I experimented with using that same layout for photos of a fictitious trio leadership team.

Mockup of the leadership page on a district website.

These are just examples. Your creativity will determine what works best for your club or district.

The Do It Yourself Alternative

The easiest way to get access to these designs is by signing up for an account on Toastmost.org, the club website hosting service based on the WordPress for Toastmasters software.

Those wishing to use these themes on a different WordPress server can download this ZIP file. With the exception of Lectern, these are all child themes, meaning you must install the “parent” theme also — for example, Twenty Twenty One TM and True Maroon both must be installed in combination with the Twenty Twenty One theme from the official WordPress repository.

* This software is offered "for Toastmasters" but not is provided by or endorsed by Toastmasters International. The use of Toastmasters brand assets (with proper disclaimers) in website designs has been reviewed by the Toastmasters International brand compliance team.