Updates to Toastmasters Contest Digital Ballots, Vote Counting Dashboard

The digital ballot for judges and the dashboard used for setting up contests and monitoring the vote count have been updated for 2021, and the documentation has also been updated.

The digital ballot replicates the experience of filling in a traditional paper ballot for judging a Toastmasters contest but streamlines the process for contests conducted online. Try the digital ballot demo.

Taking advantage of the fact that computers are good at doing math, the digital ballot helps judges tally the scores for each speaker and speeds the process of tallying the votes once judges have submitted them.

Setting Up a Toastmasters Contest for Digital Ballots and Online Vote Counting

Contest organizers may create an online vote counting dashboard that works with digital ballots completed by the judges. Once voting begins, the chief judge and ballot counters will be able to watch the votes roll in as shown below.

This article explains how to set up the digital ballots, speaking order, and other prerequisites.

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Digital Ballot for Toastmasters Contests

As a judge, you will receive an individualized link for each contest you are judging. The link may be password protected for judges who have user accounts on the club website. Also, the order in which the contestants are presented on the form mirrors the speaking order set by the contest organizers.

Here’s a sample ballot.

Online ballot

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